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What are the differences in coffee tiers?

Last Updated: Nov 13, 2017 03:13PM PST
Our goal with the coffee tiers is to make subscription pricing as simple and consistent as possible. With 500+ different coffees at more than 50 different price points, we felt the best way to do this was group all coffees into 3 tiers based on retail price - Basic, Deluxe & Exclusive. 

Basic tier: $14 - $16 retail price range, consists mainly of blends and darker roasted coffees.
Examples: Double dark blendAfrique blend

Deluxe tier: $16 - $19 retail price range, consists mainly of large lot single origins, espresso and medium roasted coffees.
Examples: Terra incognita espresso blendGuatemala Benedicion

Exclusive tier: $19 + retail price range, consists mainly of micro-lot single origins, direct trade and lighter roasted coffees.
Examples: Panama Elida Estate - Lot 26Kenya Kiunya AA

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